Thank you!!

What a wonderful Valentine's Day surprise we had this year!

We honestly can't believe that we've snaffled a winning spot out of over 4000 independent businesses across 200 towns and cities!

Cleethorpes and Grimsby both did really well as 'It Started With A Stitch' who are based in Abbeygate, GY also won a top spot! (Wahooo!)

The #LoveLocalDay initiative, along with many others created by is an absolutely brilliant way to highlight all of the amazing independent businesses across the UK. 

The shock still hasn't subsided and we just wanted to thank you again.. to even be nominated is one thing, to win is just WILD!

We're so incredibly grateful for all of our wonderful customers, the last couple of years have been tough for all of us and the kindness and support you've shown us is beyond overwhelming.. reading through your nominations has almost done me in!

We're really proud of our little business, the products that we offer and the customer service that we provide.. we're family run and everything we do is a real team effort, we really do put our heart and soul into it.

So from all of us here at TSW - THANK YOU! 

Also.. a HUGE thank you to our lovely Jenny who represented us so well in the Grimsby Telegraph, you did us proud! (Trust us to be away! Bless you!!)